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C/Z purline roll forming machine

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)
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26 Set/Sets per Year
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Jiangyin Bosj Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • Brand Name: bosj
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)
  • Supply Ability: 26 Set/Sets per Year
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,MoneyGram


C/Z interchangeable roll forming machine , PLC control systme. with auto cutting and easy change from c profile to Z profile

           C/Z semi-automatic purlin interchangable production line

general description

The semi-automatic C/Z purlin machine uses one equipment to be possible to produce the C/Z purlin through the manual simple stepless regulation different kinds of size, when the size change does not need to replace the forming roller. The production process selects the automatic control method, may according to parameters input purlin length, longitudinal pitch of holes, quantity and so on to carry on the automatic punch holes, the cutting and roll forming.

The C/Z purlin machine consists with the guider, leveler, 2 hydraulic   hole punch device, the hydraulic cutting device, fast roller exchange forming machine, the electric controlled system and hydraulic system etc.

The main drive of the whole line uses a reducer with the frequency conversion to control, the speed control, length setting and the localization control are accurate and reliable.


The complete machine contour artistic, production efficiency high, ( the forming speed can reach 20m/min)


1C/ZC/Z purlin size specification:


2 1.5~3mm

   Working piece thickness: Q235 1.53mm


   Distance of punching hole side-to-side adjustment range: 45~500mm


   Length: >3m


   Max. forming speed: 20m/min


   Total motor power about: 20KW


   Forming station: 17

equipment component

1.     guider


During the production process, preventing the plate runs to one side, affects the final product.

2.     leveler


The leveler is composed with guider-in device, the drive roller, both sides adjustable guide device and leveling roller etc. 

3 hydraulic punch hole device


Structural style: The rack uses the Dragon Gate type, makes a integrated. Two groups of punch device, the power supply is the type cylinder down stroke press: the hole position longitudinal fixed, crosswise adjustable, may along the longitudinal random punch holes.

main parameter


Max punching hole thickness: 3mm,


   Distance of punching hole side-to-side adjustment range: 45~500mm.

4 hydraulic cutting device:



Function; According to input work piece length parameter, uses encoder fixed-length, cut off the working piece after machine stop. Adopt hydraulic cutting type.

main parameter


   Max. cutting thickness: 3mm


   Work piece effective cut-off width: 650mm

5. fast exchangeable main roll forming machine


The forming machine included the motor, the rack, forming rollers, the manual control work piece size device.


       The main forming machine drive adopted 15kw hard tooth face speed reducer with the frequency conversion velocity modulation, the encoder control brake.


    The rack uses the channel steel to take the main body, the middle with stiffener board welded together.


The forming roller uses both sides to forming separately, the middle separation form, one side in which forming roller 11 rollers are fixed,   the other side through skid differently according to the work piece size by the speed reducer with lead screw vice-adjustment; Between two glide guide screws with the bevel gear transmission, achieves synchronously, and has the self-locking function; The steel plate thickness adjustment through adjusts the eccentricity of driven roller to realize. C/Z transforms through the manual to turn over the roll with 180 degree.

main parameter


            Forming station: 17 stations


   Max. forming speed : 20m/min


   Thickness of plate: 1.5-3mm


 Material of the forming rollers: bearing steel with quench treatment.


           Motor power: 15KW



     Delivery time: 70 days after received 30% advance payment.

8. after service


The seller supply technical data(including forming mould drawing, electrical elements drawing and equipment drawing etc.)

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